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Kindly see the below table for Eligibility criteria

Sno. Audience Eligibility Criteria
1 Doctors
  • Medical Graduates of Allopathic Medicine with minimum 2 or 3 years of experience in a hyperbaric centre or completed introductory course with one year of experience.
  • Post Graduates in any Medical specialty (Allopathy)
2 Nurses
  • Registered nurses with authorized Nursing Council (including ICU) and paramedics·
  • Minimum of two years clinical experience in hospital or one year critical care experience as a registered nurse.
3 Technologists
  • Technician Personnel with a pre-existing qualifications with authorized National Council (Physiotherapist, Occupational Therapist, Paramedics, Diabetic Educators, EMT, Physician Assistant, certified nursing aide, Radiographer, Dialysis Tech etc).
  • Medical graduates in non-allopathic medicine


Kindly visit our website and fill the Signup page for the registration.

On successful Signup, your Login credential are provided on your registered email id.

LNH will provide you the unique Student id for valid correspondence with us, however the login details would be same for the course access as well.

These courses are designed in a manner, where student can opt to go for this course as per his/her convenience.

All courses in our certificate program are completely based on eLearning module through online learning management system.

Course module contains wide access to the student for learning material i.e.; Wiki’s, Videos, Video Handouts and a variety of online tools to ensure the satisfactory understanding of subject matter.

The student needs to login in the course module. To begin, click on ‘Start course’. By clicking on “View Complete Curriculum’ tab on the left side of the screen, the student can access the complete course material.

Kindly remove cache cookies from your system. If you are still facing issues to access the course, contact us on + (91) 9971211043 and write us at

For any queries or technical assistance kindly call on + (91) 9971211043 and write us at

The course duration is 4 months.

Purchase of online training allows the access to the student for the online training for a period of maximum six months, starting from the date of enrollment.

You have to pay the activation fee again, kindly contact our team for more details.

This Contact program is not a separate course and is optional for the students who have completed the online Introductory course, however the Contact Program is designed for individuals who seek practical exposure of a functional Hyperbaric Oxygen Department (HBOT) in Clinical Environment

This program is delivered in partner Hospitals/ Centres in India and student will have the option to choose his/her preferred centre for Contact Program.

It is mandatory to attend all 5 days (Mutually decided between training centre and the student) during the contact program to get the certificate.

The student has to arrange for the accommodation near the chosen centre themselves as per their convenience, however the student can also contact us, if they require any support for the same.

The assessment is based on MCQs and the student needs to login to the course module to access the same. Kindly read through the assessment instructions for more information.

This will be an online exam and you are free to access at your own convenient time.

You need to restart the assessment if in case, there is any interruption/break/system error occurred during the ongoing final assessment.

If a Student's total marks for a Course fall below the pass mark of 50 and there is an evidence of Student effort to re-attempt for the final assessment, the Student is offered two more re-attempts to pass the Course.

All Students enrolled in the Online Course at the LearnNheal platform are required to complete the Final Assessment (MCQ based) as part of their Course to get the certificate

To be awarded a certificate for the respective course, a student must achieve the minimum pass mark of 50 marks.

Successful completion of the course will make the student eligible to get the Certificate. The Certificate will be issued within 1 month

For any queries or technical assistance kindly call on + (91) 9971211043 and write us at

All the Students who have successfully completed the course and are seeking employment may register with us within 6 months from the date of completion. LearnNheal does not guarantee any placement/ job to any student, however, we will support and assist the student in placement related activities.

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