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  • 12 months

Course Description

Course Structure The course is designed in a manner that it is relevant to the three key members of a hyperbaric team. However the expected depth of knowledge expected from each category of the team member is different.

This is stated in the introductory part of the course and the assessments are designed with this structure.

There are total of 23 chapters (units) divided into 4 sections. Students will be required to complete the online learning course of 40 hours within a period of three months. Assessment will be carried out after each section and after the complete course. A “hands on training” for 40 hours (5 working days) at designated centers will follow this. A final assessment will be carried out before a final certificate of completion is issued.

  • Registered nurses with authorized Nursing Council.
Course Duration
  • 4 Months Online
  • MCQ-based module-Unit wise assessment
  • Final examination (MCQ)

Contact Program (Recommended optional Program)


Program &Structure The Contact Program is designed for individuals who seek practical exposure of a functional Hyperbaric Oxygen Department (HBOT) in Clinical Environment.

This program is delivered in partner Hospitals/ Centres in India.

The theoretical knowledge coupled with functional department training will enhance the learning experience as well as provide a comprehensive understanding of assessment, treatment and management of a HBOT department.

Eligibility This contact program can be applied for existing students of LearnNheal or who have successfully completed the Introductory Course from LearnNheal platform.

Please note: This Contact program is not a separate course and is optional for the students who have completed the online introductory course.

Fee  10,000 INR

(This fee does not include taxes, travelling and boarding)

Course Duration 5 Working days

(Time to be mutually decided as per convenience of the hospitals & the student)

Affiliated Centres
  1. 1. Indraprastha Apollo Hospital, New Delhi. (Multiplace Hyperbaric centre)
  2. 2. Sai Lee Hospital, Mumbai (Monoplace Hyperbaric centre)


(The list of affiliated centres is in process of being increased and student can make a choice of centre where, he/she wants to join for the contact program)

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